Profile of the Modern Mobile Business Traveler

Modern Mobile Business Traveler Profile & Infographic- By Megan Ritter On The Road Again With the reduced costs of doing business in other places—it can be in other states or even countries—businesses are expanding into new markets. To establish themselves in these new markets, where labor costs might be lower and business regulations more relaxed, they send employees from the main office to these satellite offices to see that everything is running smoothly. This, in turn, costs … [Read more...]

R.Russell Atamian

R. Russell Atamian - Multi Faceted Massachusetts Business Personality While there are many colorful personalities here in Massachusetts and even more spread out across New England.  R. Russell Atamian of Falmouth and the dealer principal of Atamian Honda & Atamian Volkswagen in Tewksbury is among the elite in the automotive sector.  A recent visit to his professional blog R. Russell  found him supporting so many causes locally and regionally we couldn't help but crush on him … [Read more...]

Heal Your PC

Heal Your PC -  Home & Business Computer Repair We recently featured one of our partners,  Heal Your PC here on the Media Crush site - Click Here for the post. We keep up to date on tips and services and wanted to pass along some of the recent posts we found useful on the Heal Your PC blog. Find out more about their complete line of services by simply visiting their website at   Heal Your PC, provides computer repair services.   They come to you and fix your … [Read more...]

Networking Event – UR Business Network-

We are all Invited - Summer Networking Event!  Professional Business Connections will be made in Boston MA on- Monday July 28th, 2014 @Howl at the Moon 5:30pm-8:30pm Mass Professional Networking and UR Business Network invites you to their Summer Business Networking Event at Howl At The Moon in the Financial District in Boston. Please join them  from 5:30pm-8:30pm on Monday, July 28th. UR Business Network launched their internet radio stream in mid-November 2012. UR Business Network is … [Read more...]

Mindful Happiness

A Book on Mindfulness... Mindfulness;  Yes, it may sound like a candidate for buzzword of the year, however, for many it has become a learned natural practice - a way to live.  The applications are many and one of this country's thought leaders has decided to start letting his voice be heard on a larger scale.  Monkton, Vermont is  a short distance from internationally renown Burlington and nestled somewhere halfway up what is seemingly a mountainous area is The Eleanor R. Liebman Center, … [Read more...]

Google Editing Search – Right to be Forgotten

-Google Must 'Forget' Unfavorable Search Results in Europe -Users Request Content Removed - Google Complies? Yes, you read correctly, hold on though this is happening in Europe.  I originally heard this on NPR about a month ago and have read numerous posts and articles on this and just haven't stopped wondering how on earth this may effect Google here in the United States. Media Crush has been providing brand management and mitigation services for about ten years now, this means we have … [Read more...]

Heal Your PC

 Commercial & Residential Mobile PC Service Center  We want to let you in on one of our saviors....especially if you are having PC troubles?  Being proactive and making sure you have backup? Well when Media Crush staff members are having a melt down and cursing the instrument and tools needed to get by in the office on a daily basis we practice mindfulness - take a deep breath and call the experts at Heal Your PC!   They actually COME TO YOU - now that's service!   The folks at the … [Read more...]

WordPress Installation –

Elegant Themes Tutorial - Well Done! In our opinion Elegant Themes has recently been putting some pressure on our usual go to for WordPress Themes, Studio Press.  That's good for everybody.   The WordPress theme pool is filled with so many options it often becomes hard to dig through the clutter  to find what is best. You can rest assured that either Elegant Themes or Studio Press will deliver an excellent theme  every time!  While we still lean towards the Genesis Platform offered by Studio … [Read more...]

UR Business Network

-Media Crush partners with content driven Business Network! Media Crush has joined the UR Business Network as part of their digital marketing offering  for their radio hosts and sponsors. This unique approach to content marketing is on its way to defining “new media”.  A melding of content and media sources is underway and the UR Business Network is creating a very special recipe. “This is a great opportunity for Media Crush and our network to be a significant part of the proliferation of … [Read more...]

Hailo – Boston Taxi App

HAILO - Boston - Use Hailo to get a taxi wherever you are, whenever you want. All it takes is two taps on your iPhone or Android Phone. Pay seamlessly with your credit or debit card DOWNLOAD NOW - FREE!  Get Picked Up Use Hailo to get a Boston taxi with just two taps. No more arm flailing, trying your luck with cab roulette. Pay by Card Automatically pay with your credit or debit card. Fully Secure Be Safe Hailo works with Boston's licensed … [Read more...]

“Reconstructing You”

Frank Magliochetti publishes first eBook North Andover MA: Businessman Frank Magliochetti of Parcae Capital has an eBook out titled " Reconstructing You" . Frank shares personal experiences and observations in a book that can provide guidance in starting, changing or simply reevaluating your career. To download your copy of  "Reconstructing You"  please CLICK HERE Here is and excerpt from the publication:  Remaking Yourself and Competing in the New Economy It is true the … [Read more...]