Google Editing Search – Right to be Forgotten

-Google Must 'Forget' Unfavorable Search Results in Europe -Users Request Content Removed - Google Complies? Yes, you read correctly, hold on though this is happening in Europe.  I originally heard this on NPR about a month ago and have read numerous posts and articles on this and just haven't stopped wondering how on earth this may effect Google here in the United States. Media Crush has been providing brand management and mitigation services for about ten years now, this means we have … [Read more...]

Google+ to Lead to the Comeback of Google’s Realtime Search

The Real Thing is (almost) Back... Posted by Pamela Seiple If you've been missing the appearance of real-time results in your Google searches over the past month, relief is on the way. Realtime Search was Google's way of including relevant posts and data from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services in real time. During a recent search panel in California, Google Fellow Amit Singhal revealed that the Google Search team is actively working on bringing Google … [Read more...]

I’m Feeling Lucky

The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 Article Courtesy of:  Greg Jarboe Don’t wait until Christmas. Don’t wait for your birthday. Buy I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards today and read it in the next two weeks before you go to SES San Francisco 2011. Why? Because letting one of Google’s early employees take you on a trip inside the hyper-energized company that broke the rules and rocked the world will put everything that you will … [Read more...]

Google +1 The Rise of The Spammers!

Response to Hubspot and more... 5 Ways Google + Will influence Search Results or...Here comes the next big Spam opportunity! Thank you Google Plus ! So how is Google planning to circumvent the affect of manually manipulating the SERP and SEO! The offers are already coming in...500 +1's for only $349! Here we go again! I may be wrong but it seems like Google is getting a little Microsoftish with its need to be entrenched in everything and anything  all for the sake of milking … [Read more...]

New Car Networks – Google Places?

New Car Networks is the  Automotive online digital marketing component of Media Crush designed to engage in Brand and Reputation Management, SEO, Social Media Strategies and various marketing and training initiatives. With clients in New England and the Mid-West New Car Networks unique boutique take on Automotive Digital Marketing is a way for multi dealership dealers and smaller dealers to all compete on the same level.  Training and driving more sales opportunities to sell more cars in 2011 … [Read more...]