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Want to Learn a Foreign Language? – Best  Language Apps for 2021

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Learning a foreign language is one of the best things anyone can do to connect with others, further a career, and boost brainpower. In the old days, there were two ways to learn a new language: take a class and talk to other people. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted classroom learning and prevented people from practicing their newfound language skills with others. The good news is that advances in technology and cell phone apps have made it easier, faster, and less expensive to learn a language in exciting new ways.

A number of language learning apps are available today, and while most language applications help build vocabulary and proper grammar for the target language, each apps provides a different approach to learning a language. Some have speech recognition to ensure proper pronunciation, for example, while others offer instruction in multiple languages. A handful has emerged as the top language learning apps.

Best Foreign Language Learning Apps of 2021


Memrise focuses on basic translation, building understanding of the language through real life situations, and correct pronunciation. Users start by learning a few key words and phrases then watches video clips of native speakers with different speaking styles and real accents that help the user recognize the nuances of the new language. The app focuses less on grammar rules and more on giving learners the confidence to speak in their new language.


Duolingo improves vocabulary and grammar through daily lessons and quizzes covering vocabulary recognition, listening activities and voice-enabled speaking practice. The app motivates learners by letting them earn points, level up, get virtual currency and even compete with others.


Mondly is a colorful app that makes learning a new language fun, but it is also a serious language program. Users can choose among 30 languages to learn; they can also select their native language from among 33 choices to make learning even easier. The app uses a combination of course materials, chatbots, instant feedback, and augmented reality (AR) to help learners master a new language.

Mondly is game-like in that users can take lessons and tests to unlock the door to the next level. A new daily lesson unlocks every 12 hours. Users who complete the entire week of daily lessons take a weekly test; learners who complete the weekly tests unlock a monthly challenge. Getting access to the next learning level is good motivation for coming back day after day.

Users who open a free Mondy account have access to seven lessons and a daily lesson under the “Hello” topic. A paid account opens up the remaining lessons under topics such as core vocabulary, family, seasons and weather, public transportation, food and drinks, and even travel, vacation activities and preparing a trip.


Babbel offers bite-size, interactive lessons that cover words and phrases someone would use in real life, from introducing themselves to ordering food or making travel arrangements. The app makes it easy to learn enough of a language to hold a short conversation after using the app for just a few hours.

The linguists and language teachers that designed Babbel created a system tailored to the user’s native language and target language, reflecting differences in the ways language-users learn new languages – an English-speaker might learn Italian differently from a Spanish-speaker, for example, so Babbel presents slightly different lessons for each language pair.

HeyPal™ Featured Future Star

HeyPal™ is a language exchange, which is an approach based on mutual learning. The app pairs language exchange partners; each partner is a native speaker of the language the other wants to learn. HeyPal allows users from around the world to use interactive chat and social posts to learn and practice a new language.

After signup, users select their native language and choose from among 30 languages that they wish to learn. Next, users interact and practice with people who speak their target language. HeyPal also includes instant translation features, grammar and spelling assist, and engaging video tutorials.

Because users get to interact with one another and practice their language skills right away and in a comfortable, natural setting of real conversations, HeyPal is fun and immersive way to learn a new language.

No single app is perfect for every user, but using an app can help almost every learner pick up a new language without having to sit in a classroom or travel to a foreign land to practice their new skills.


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