Frank Magliochetti ClickStream CEO Announce Financing

Frank Magliochetti & Clickstream Announce Financing to GoooGreen, Inc.

GoooGreen Enters the Sports Gaming  Industry With the Acquisition of VegasWINNERS, Inc

Company Secures Financing From Clickstream Corporation to Expand Operations

PRESS RELEASE – GoooGreen, Inc. (OTC PINK:GOOO) announces it has acquired VegasWINNERS Inc., a Nevada corporation which provides sports fans, sports betting enthusiasts, the highest quality analysis, research, data, guidance and professional advice, from celebrity Las Vegas sports gaming consultant, oddsmaker and businessman Wayne Allyn Root, and a team of some of the world’s leading sports handicapping experts. The VegasWINNERS Inc. business model capitalizes on two hot business trends – the explosion of online gaming and the legalization of sports gambling.  According to Grandview Research, the global online gambling market size was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a frank Magliochetti Clickstream VegasWinnerscompound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.

Why Such Growth in Online Gaming?

The high internet penetration and increasing use of mobile phones among individuals for playing online games from their homes and public places are driving the market. In addition, factors such as easy access to online gambling, legalization and cultural approval, corporate sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements are also contributing to market growth. The growing availability of cost-effective mobile applications across the globe is further expected to fuel market growth. The Covid-19 pandemic has also added to the attractiveness of online gambling – introducing bettors to a new way of gambling from the safety of their home, office or mobile device, without entering a casino or sports stadium, or having to touch paper money.

State of the State on Online Gaming

Wagering on sports, including but not limited to the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, PGA, Soccer and NASCAR, as well as college sports (primarily football and basketball) are national pastimes for millions of sports enthusiasts. Historically, betting on sports was only legal in the State of Nevada and/or bets between friends, and those willing to bet illegally. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court decision allowing States to legalize sports betting has changed everything, creating tremendous opportunity. Twenty-two states plus Washington DC. have already legalized wagering on sports and, all but five states have legislation pending to allow it. Terms of the deal included Clickstream Corp. (OTC Pink:CLIS) providing a $350,000 Secured Loan to GOOO for GOOO to acquire 96.5% of VegasWINNERS, Inc. and in return, CLIS purchased an option to acquire 14,901,200 of the current outstanding 17,842,925 shares of GOOO common stock for $175,000.

What the Executives have to say:

Frank Magliochetti, CEO of Clickstream, stated, “We’ve known of Wayne for years and believe VegasWINNERS will dramatically and positively impact the sports gaming industry. We are incredibly pleased to be able to help GoooGreen take VegasWINNERS to the next level and see this as a tremendous opportunity for Clickstream.”

Tom Terwilliger, CEO of GoooGreen, Inc. stated “I believe this acquisition is strategic, especially during these times when life has gone online – viral. VegasWINNERS provides a needed portal for sports fans and bettors to stay connected and to invest in the games they’re watching and the teams they love.”

Wayne Allyn Root, CEO of VegasWINNERS stated, “What VegasWINNERS does is simple. Now that sports gaming has been legalized in over twenty states, there are millions of new sports gamblers. We supply the winning picks and research that these sports gamblers need. We intend to build a world-class database of sports gamblers, a database that should quickly prove valuable to casinos, sportsbooks and public gaming companies.”

ABOUT GOOOGREEN, INC. GoooGreen, Inc. (OTC Pink:GOOO) through its operating subsidiary VegasWINNERS, Inc. is engaged in the business of sports gambling research, data, advice, analysis and predictions utilizing all available media, advertising formats and its database of users. Revenues are expected to accelerate due to the explosion of sports handicapping arising from the 2018 Supreme Court decision that States have the right to approve sports gambling and the resulting State by State rapid approval of sports gambling. For more information, please visit VegasWINNERS website at as well as on Twitter at

ABOUT CLICKSTREAM CORPORATION ClickStream Corporation OTC Pink:CLIS) business operations are focused on the development and implementation of WinQuikTM, a free to play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform. The platform is frank magliochetti-clickstream ceo - names new VPdesigned to enable WinQuikTM users to have fun, interact and compete against each other in order to win real money and prizes. WinQuikTM is currently in production with shows featuring Joshua Dobbs, Jordan Andino, Brian Baldinger, Howie Schwab, Amber Theoharis, and Mykel Hawke. Subject matter includes sports, sports movies, survival, food/culinary, the Bible and outer space. Game are set up dynamically with multiple non-live game shows throughout the day and once-a-day live game show. As a free-mium platform, ClickStream is in the process of monetizing the platform with corporate sponsors and advertisers. For more information please visit Clickstream’s websites at or as well as on Twitter at

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Frank Magliochetti owes his professional success to his expertise in two areas: medicine and finance. After obtaining a BS in pharmacy from Northeastern University, he stayed on to enroll in the Masters of Toxicology program. He later specialized in corporate finance, receiving an MBA from The Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk University. His educational background includes completion of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School and the General Management Program at Stanford Business School. Frank Magliochetti has held senior positions at Baxter International, Kontron Instruments, Haemonetics Corporation, and Sandoz. Since 2000, he has been a managing partner at Parcae Capital, where he focuses on financial restructuring and interim management services for companies in the healthcare, media, and alternative energy industries. Last year, he was appointed chairman of the board at Grace Health Technology, a company providing an enterprise solution for the laboratory environment. Most recently; Frank was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Designer Genomics International, Inc. The Company has accumulated a growing body of evidence that highlights a link between alterations in the immune and inflammatory systems and the development of chronic human disease. The Company is visionary and has established itself as a leader in the field of inflammatory and immune genetic DNA and RNA biomarkers that play a causative role in debilitating conditions, such as atherosclerosis/heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and cancer. A proprietary state-of-the art data mining bioinformatics program, called ‘cluster analysis’ will be used to measure disease development susceptibility with potential for earlier diagnosis and intervention. The company is developing a healthcare program based on its proprietary genetic panels that will allow people to be their own healthcare advocate and take an active role in their health status as well as longevity.

Mr. Frank Magliochetti MBA  – Managing Partner Parcae Capital


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