Media Crush

Media Crush

Media Crush was founded by Boston-area marketing veterans.

Having evolved from varied backgrounds, each of us possess unique strengths and shared visions… Media Crush is driven by our experience and foresight.

We have developed a unique set and delivery of scalable enterprise services. Each client program is custom crafted to reach targeted short and long term goals.

We enjoy our work and take great pride in the relationships we develop and results we deliver.

Let’s face it the internet landscape changes as frequently as New England weather.

Media Crush can forecast and prepare your business for any online climate changes. We develop and deploy custom, scalable, and affordable long and short term strategies and solutions for you and your company.

Our multi-tiered products bring you Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing,  Mobile Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing Opportunities,  Lead Generation, and Local Search all under the Brand and Reputation Management umbrella.

We are unique in the fact that we developed our own ad and marketing network of URL’s used to leverage your program.

We welcome you to take  the opportunity to let us strategize with you and show you how many ways your business will benefit from working with Media Crush.