Perfectly Clean and Organized –

Perfectly Clean and Organized - Burlington MA Perfectly Clean and Organized is a professional residential and commercial cleaning and organizing business located in Burlington MA. They specialize in cleaning and organizing residential property and small businesses. Small Business Owners and Property Managers: Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning for your professional space, Perfectly Clean and Organized will customize a schedule that works best … [Read more...]

Scott’s Tree and Landscape Service

Scott's Tree & Landscape Service - Stump Grinding and Removal MA Scott’s Tree & Landscape, Inc. is a Full-Tree Service and Landscaping company serving Westford, Concord, & Carlisle. They provide customers top quality landscaping services and hands-on attention. They operate a highly professional, knowledgeable, and personable company that customers can rely on for their tree, landscaping, and irrigation needs. Scott’s Tree & Landscape, Inc. has over 20 years of … [Read more...]

Frank Magliochetti News

Frank Magliochetti News - Healthcare - Bi/Pharma Frank Magliochetti News will be centered around reporting on trends, innovations, and news in the healthcare and bio/pharma industries. Frank Magliochetti News is the latest in a growing network of online publications by Frank. I'm looking forward to the release of Frank Magliochetti New, with so much going on it is my hope that Frank Magliochetti News will shed light on current relevant topics.  In the meantime, please  head to my personal … [Read more...]

Ben Yomtob | Property Management

Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Boynton Beach Yomtob Properties:  Florida Luxury Office Space Ben Yomtob is a the owner of a commercial real estate and property management company in FL.  His portfolio currently consists of  three luxury properties in the Boca, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, and Boynton Beach area. Current properties: The Bank Building 5300 West Atlantic Ave - Delray Beach,  FL, 33484 The Bank Building, seven stories of professional office … [Read more...]

Frank Magliochetti Report

Frank Magliochetti Report - Healthcare - Bio/Pharma News The latest efforts by Frank Magliochetti are centered around the healthcare and bio/pharma industries.  Reporting on news, trends, and innovations in each of the industries. The Frank Magliochetti report is the latest in what appears to be a growing network of online publications by Frank. Head to Frank Magliochetti Report - The site is still being built out - comments and suggestions are welcome. I am excited about the release of … [Read more...]

The Mind of Joe Petrowski on URBN

Overlooking the Business Battlefield with Joe Petrowski- One of our favorite shows on the UR Business Network airwaves is " Overlooking the Business Battlefield - Strategy Infrastructure Personnel Execution" hosted by Joe Petrowski.    Joe's podcast is always informative, current, relative and with strong grounded opinion.  Take some time out of your busy day and listen to one of Joe's entertaining podcasts. Joe takes on everything!  Take a look at this sample  list of shows: Culture … [Read more...]

Dave & Buster’s Grand Opening-

E- Newsletter Campaign Dave and Busters opened in Woburn MA!  Just a short ride outside of Boston and not too far from the NH border nestled right off of 128 North a new Dave and Busters has opened! The invite only grand opening party was promoted by Media Crush.  Media Crush sent out an email newsletter blast to it's targeted opt in database and the results were outstanding! Media Crush was able to deliver over 600 bodies through the door to participate in an amazing welcoming … [Read more...]


Digital Marketing- Most people hear the term organic vs non- organic and envision a trip to the produce section at their local market. Most of the world has identified the differences between the two and how it affects them personally.  While the terms familiarity has grown most business owners are not quite sure what to do in terms of organic vs non-organic search engine optimization - SEO.  There are so many considerations to take into account on what will work best for your business and yoru … [Read more...]

…and Social Media Use also Makes Happiness Viral!

Facebook use linked to depressive symptoms Being in the digital marketing space for over ten years, changes occur daily and breakthroughs more often than any other industry.  This is cause for great change and creativity in the human condition.  An ongoing test to stay connected as people and not allow the advancements to drive us to isolation.  We are in a time of flux and change is thrust upon us almost daily.  Being a part of this time of enlightened engagement is exciting, however, we do … [Read more...]

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

What you don’t owe can’t hurt you by  Ivan Serrano Follow Ivan  @ivanserrano55 Naturally, there’s good news and bad news. Most people want the bad news first, and then the good news. Others just prefer to take the good news and never even hear about the bad news… if possible. When it comes to debt, however, what you don’t know can hurt you. There are times when debt makes sense, and times when it should be avoided like the beach in the middle of a hurricane. Here are some general … [Read more...]

Hendricks – Emporium of the Unusual

Hendricks Gin " Emporium of the Unusual" Cyclorama this week only! People of Boston are in for a real treat when they step into Hendricks Gin’s “Emporium of the Unusual” ! Get ready for a complete transformation of Cyclorama into an amazingly entertaining  and bazaar pop up event.    The invitation says it all  “In cheery defiance of the mundane, HENDRICK’S will curate an assemblage of curiosities for the mind and palate. Might we inadvertently shift the world’s balance of the normal to … [Read more...]