Google +1 The Rise of The Spammers!

Response to Hubspot and more… 5 Ways Google + Will influence Search Results

or…Here comes the next big Spam opportunity!

Thank you Google Plus !

So how is Google planning to circumvent the affect of manually manipulating the SERP and SEO!

The offers are already coming in…500 +1’s for only $349!

Here we go again!

I may be wrong but it seems like Google is getting a little Microsoftish with its need to be entrenched in everything and anything  all for the sake of milking yet more data out of its users to better target our needs for services and goods.  PLEASE STOP!

Time to round up the at home moms, students etc and get those +1’s popping…

So while the overriding topic here is will Google overcome / challenge Facebook don’t you think this spam opportunity needs a bit more weight in your conversations?

Google 10 Million vs Facebook 750 Million…A bit daunting even if your are the almighty G O O G L E!

Why the curve-ball Google? So now SEO consists of; content,optimization, back-links and now +1..the results may be pretty surprising.

Now lets add Clout to the equation…grab the top people in Clout and form an SEO / SERP boost company right? Start a MLM for +1 clickers!

This is the trying to be all things to all people can of worms that worked so well for MyTimberlakeSpace…

If Bing stays poised it may very well gain some very valuable traction on what seems to be a search engine reaching just too far – could this be a huge mistake or a stroke of genius or even more simply a time will tell concept as many of Googles entries to other markets.

Whats next Gods of the Internet please share and +1 this post!

Our response to the HubSpot Article on How Google + Will Influence Search Results…

1. Improving Google’s Intelligence:

First off do we all really want this to happen? We want to increase Google’s intelligentsia?

Overall it seems that +1 is a deeper intrusion or customization of the data Google is mining on behalf of their Ad Sense customers; so now they are not only looking at your online behavior they are grouping you and your friends in that pool to

get deeper and more targeted information on how you and your friend group share…

2. Improved Search Results Quality

Hubspot claims that + will help shut down independent spammers etc…How about an increase in spamming and spamming opportunities – I can personally think of several immediately…Search Results getting social – really? Let’s see how that works for you… Sounds like SEO via Groupon Business modeling

3. Changing How you Get Traffic

+1 is Google’s equivalent to a Tweet or FB Share- when you change a page or move it the +1 counter will be reset – Oh Great! Thanks!

4. Improve Click-Through Rates

Again a massive opportunity for spam related mobs to alter search results. This is already part of the pollution of Facebook. Facebook lost its way and so did the (ab)users- does my 17 year old niece really have 2000 friends? So she can instruct her minions to Like or +1 a page and influence the blind masses – Just as Facebook has done Google will now do and begin to make their search engine less relevant. Just because something has a large number of +1’s does not make it the authority search…okay I guess if Google puts a very small measure of weight on that into its algo. What would be brilliant would be for Google splinter off into GoogleSocial and provide an engine SOLELY based on this ridiculous parameter.

5. There is More To Come

Circles and Huddles, +1 for Business, privacy tools etc…Why did Google have to become yet one more social net – what was wrong with being the leaders in Search? The game keeps changing – Not for the better folks…

6. Inbound Marketing Spam Net

There is a very fuzzy line being crossed here and the results may be mixed, watch for irrelevant SERP, opps for reputation and brand management will be on the rise, seems an easy way to use people spamming to pop a landing page.

There are challenges then there are distractions  – this all lands somewhere right in the fuzzy middle…for now…

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