Digital Marketing-

Most people hear the term organic vs non- organic and envision a trip to the produce section at their local market. Most of the world has identified the differences between the two and how it affects them personally.  While the terms familiarity has grown most business owners are not quite sure what to do in terms of organic vs non-organic search engine optimization – SEO.  There are so many considerations to take into account on what will work best for your business and yoru budget.

The basic premise of SEO is the process of using various methods to increase your position and results  in the search engine rankings for the keywords associated with your business.  The two most popular are organic and non-organic.

Organic SEO in general takes more time to execute and will yield long term results. Key areas of focus are on content, links, key word enhancement etc..  This method results in the greatest yield of search traffic. Keeping up with this and maintaining it over time requires mindful attention to the competition and the strategies they employ to combat your results.  Media Crush focuses on building a mindful digital marketing strategy with each client.

Non- Organic SEO can sometimes yield faster results and help to bump your initial ranking and placement but they are not long term by nature especially when compared to organic.  This method works by placing concentration on paid advertising, PPC ( pay per click) and can also utilize affiliate marketing programs.

For more consistent and long term results organic search is the way.  Getting to the first page doesn’t happen overnight, a week, or even an month. Getting to the top of the search engine rankings pages takes time.  Once that is achieved you can count on sustained traffic for your desired terms and categories, that is of course as long as the work continues to maintain and improve.

Once desired search rankings are realized it is recommended to continue to add content.  The goal here is to become the authority site and build off of that reputation to be the go to site for the category / niche your business represents.  This requires ongoing strategy adjustments and smart SEO planning.

Media Crush strongly recommends going with organic as it will help build your internet presence gradually and eventually result in a solid foundation for your category.  It is not terrible to invest in paid search but the concentration and bulk of your budget should be focusing on building and maintaining organic search.

Now this is a topic of great debate and in fact in some circumstances a PPC strategy may be a good idea as with all strategies customization and individuality specific to the needs of the business and it’s uniqueness has to be taken into consideration.  If a category is simply so saturated and you have tried organic and are still not making any headway, then a modicum of balance in budget may help offset this situation while you continue to add fuel to your organic program.

If you have already tried a number of strategies and still are not making headway a no cost  Media Crush online presence assessment will help determine potential next steps to bring your company where it needs to go.

If your website isn’t going to have the benefit of ongoing maintenance and content updates then head in the direction of a well managed PPC campaign. Invest heavily and bid aggressively to get top placement – these are placed above the organic search results. If you are investing in PPC and are not on page one and in top position you may want to reconsider at least a balanced organic and non-organic strategy.

Organic SEO is the way to ensure your business is going to benefit in terms of garnering potential leads.  Organic SEO puts you where you want to be to maximize the potential for business. This strategy works best when there is a focus on the digital marketing program with part of the strategy placed on ensuring the results are maintained by updating the site, watching out for the competition, and staying in communication with your digital marketing provider to update them on news, photos, videos, and any other information that is relative to your business and industry.