Customer Acquisition for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

5 Reasons SMBs Should Focus on Search, Not Social for Customer Acquisition Jay Taylor | Search Engine Watch Social media is all the rave, and for good reason. Fortune 500 companies are showing that social can be a very effective marketing tool, particularly when it comes to brand awareness and engagement. But how effective is social media when it comes to customer acquisition for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)? SMBs are increasingly placing emphasis on social … [Read more...]

More Reasons to Blog for Business!

Poof! Your Last Excuse Against Blogging Just Vanished Article Courtesy of:  Dealer Communications by Kathi Kruse in Social Media I suspect you’ve heard it’s a good idea to blog for your store or business. Your SEO guy is bugging you.  People like me, Social Media coaches, tell you how valuable it is to become the “likable expert”. Nearly every customer service evangelist preaches the value of blogging.  You see others blogging about their business and generating leads. So … [Read more...]

Internet Statistics for 2012 – Digital Media Usage Grows

25 Eye-Popping Internet Marketing Statistics for 2012 Posted by Pamela Vaughan 2012 is officially here, and what better way to kick off the New Year than with some data porn? In its recent US Digital Media Usage report, eMarketer estimates how digital media usage will grow in 2012 in terms of the internet, mobile, social, video, and ecommerce. So whether you need to justify your inbound marketing-centric strategies to your boss or convince yourself that inbound is the right way to … [Read more...]

New Car Networks – Automotive Marketing

Social Media Marketing:   Creating a Community In recent posts authorDavid Johnson has had a LOT to say about Social Media in the Automotive industry.  In his post "Creating Word-Of-Mouth Through The Creation Of Community"  we find so much community in our perspectives on methods to achieve great results.  Perhaps you are already ahead of the curve and are already working on developing a community - if so congratulations for getting it!  If you read this article and want some help in … [Read more...]

Social Video Blueprint Series

The Social Video Blueprint – A Social Video Checklist & Conclusions Courtesy of:  ReelSEO - Jeremy Scott This is our ninth and final installment of the Social Video Blueprint series–which would have appeared last week were it not for a few hiccups. Throughout the last 10 weeks, we’ve explored social video from all angles, from its very definition to some of the best practices that lead to success. So today we’re going to draw some actionable conclusions, and create a checklist for … [Read more...]

Things Go Better With…

Social Media Mastery: Wisdom from the Leaders of Coca-Cola Courtesy of:  Search Engine Watch & Jason Cormier As social media marketers, we’re naturally in pursuit of identifying “who is doing it right.” We follow the feeds and influencers that help inspire our creativity, guide our approach, and validate our recommendations. We whore out our email addresses in exchange for white papers, register for webinars we can’t find time to attend, and maintain an insatiable appetite for … [Read more...]

2011 Ranking Factors Guide

SEOMoz has just published their 2011 Ranking Factors Guide, which is the essential reference for search marketers to learn about the new or changing factors shaping their world. While the entire report is very large, I've pulled out some of the most important details to our readers, based on the questions and discussions that I see on a daily basis from HubSpot customers and fans. If you're interested in reading more of the report or looking at their raw data, you can find it on SEOMoz's site … [Read more...]

Social Media Hangover

6 Ways to Avoid a Social PR Hangover Lisa Buyer May 25, 2011 Retracing the steps of what happened after a social PR campaign “gone wild” is reminiscent of the movie “The Hangover.” Despite the right intentions, the plan just goes sideways when the mixing and mingling ends up with the wrong crowds, miscommunication, and bad decisions. The result can be quite a sobering (and unpleasant) experience. Where’s the coffee and two aspirin? Waking up, looking around and realizing the … [Read more...]

Year End…

This has been a groundbreaking year for Media Crush.  Finally, we have discovered we are not alone! With new relationships and partnerships materializing and taking shape we are laying a strong foundation to grow as forecasted in 2011! Great things lay ahead as Media Crush will at long last be enabled to complete our local geocentric and category rich network of URLs! We thank our long list of loyal customers for sticking with us through the growing pains!  Truth is Media Crush … [Read more...]