Blogs: Good for Automotive & Good for Business

Dealers, Why Aren’t You Blogging? 4 Reasons to Create and Leverage a Dealer Blog Posted by Justin Braun Article Courtesy of:  Automotive Digital Marketing “Blogging is the most underutilized yet powerful marketing force that dealers have at their disposal.” That’s what automotive thought-leader Ralph Paglia said in a recent interview. No matter if you love Ralph and his advice or think he’s ‘full of it,’ studies indicate that he is absolutely right on this … [Read more...]

New Car Networks – Automotive Marketing

Social Media Marketing:   Creating a Community In recent posts authorDavid Johnson has had a LOT to say about Social Media in the Automotive industry.  In his post "Creating Word-Of-Mouth Through The Creation Of Community"  we find so much community in our perspectives on methods to achieve great results.  Perhaps you are already ahead of the curve and are already working on developing a community - if so congratulations for getting it!  If you read this article and want some help in … [Read more...]