Benefits of Blogging as Part of Your Inbound Mix

Everything You Need to Sell Your Boss on Business Blogging Posted by Paul Rios Article Courtesy of:  HubSpot Image credit: Mike Licht, You're an inbound marketing convert. You believe in the importance of creating relevant and interesting content for your prospects to consume. You've been reading up on search engine optimization, and have started applying the best practices to your website. You even opened up a company Facebook page and Twitter account, though … [Read more...]

Blogs: Good for Automotive & Good for Business

Dealers, Why Aren’t You Blogging? 4 Reasons to Create and Leverage a Dealer Blog Posted by Justin Braun Article Courtesy of:  Automotive Digital Marketing “Blogging is the most underutilized yet powerful marketing force that dealers have at their disposal.” That’s what automotive thought-leader Ralph Paglia said in a recent interview. No matter if you love Ralph and his advice or think he’s ‘full of it,’ studies indicate that he is absolutely right on this … [Read more...]