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Catching up on some recent posts on the Media Crush Network  Media Crush has been excelling at digital marketing for 10 years - buzz words come and go,  good  intuition and experience aren't the product of an extensive training or tiered corporate climb wall.  We pride ourselves on delivering successful programs the clients understand, appreciate and agree on. This Media Crush has driven some interest for Content Marketing services - Sounds Right - any business or PR firm looking to … [Read more...]

Media Crush Network

Aggregation, Curation and Posts - Media Crush is many things, however, one thing we are not is conventional. We are honest hard working folk, true we play by our own rules but always keep our ethics high despite what the thought assimilated new breed trendy bizters messaging is about us. We are in the business of helping businesses of all sizes get on a level playing field - we are currently focusing our attention on those that need our help the most  but have been convinced they … [Read more...] – Hyper Local Group buying Mashup! acquires hyper local group buying company Local Ginger! #Admire! Local mobile based advertising pioneer WHERE, Inc. is North America’s leading location media company. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, WHERE develops a range of location-based services, including mobile advertising as well as search and recommendation services. Being a subscriber to Local Ginger;  a north shore hyper local focused group buying player has recently become The e-mail announcement … [Read more...]

The Table Critic

Boston Restaurant News Media Crush is proud to announce that Boston Restaurant News is now featuring the Table Critic reviews. About the Table Critic: The reviews showcase the ambiance, the décor, the service and cuisine of each restaurant reviewed. What is unique about this website is the photos. The photos tell the story of the restaurant. Each restaurant possesses their own distinctive qualities when it comes to food, service and design - characteristics that are featured in … [Read more...]