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Media Crush is many things, however, one thing we are not is conventional.

We are honest hard working folk, true we play by our own rules but always keep our ethics high despite what the thought assimilated new breed trendy bizters messaging is about us.

We are in the business of helping businesses of all sizes get on a level playing field – we are currently focusing our attention on those that need our help the most  but have been convinced they couldn’t afford the type of services their larger competitors have in place – Simpy put those who haven’t been onslaughted  by the current sheriffs of bizter town with shock and awe pricing and the buzz word and services gauntlets of have to haves.

Here is some of the information shared over the Media Crush  network this week:

Boston Business Radio:


Media Crush site focusing on the business of radio in the area posted a featured article on The Death of Talk Radio

Sports Radio Boston: 


Media Crush  site focusing on the business of sports and radio in Boston posted a featured article on the dismissal of sports radio pioneer Glenn Ordway ( hmm wonder if he will end up with Butch Stearns at The Pulse Network)

Boston Restaurant News:


Media Crush site curating, aggregating and posting all things related to the food service and hospitality industry in the Boston area.  We posted a commentary regarding a recent article by Restaurant and Business Alliance Dave Andelman focusing on changes and reform with an eye on job creation as the top priority.

Fort Point Channel:

Fort Point Channel - Seaport Innovation District - South Boston

Media Crush site with news surrounding this historic and growing arts and business community in Boston –  Seth Greenberg of Woodward, Mistral and many more high end ventures in Boston, NY and Miami has announced the opening of a french restaurant- Bastille ( look for an opening sometime in June 2013)  – Who remembers M-80?

Seaport Innovation District:

Seaport District Boston Massachusetts

The most talked about and the source of  the highest concentration of growth in Boston right now _ This Media Crush site keeps you up to date on the latest news on the city’s innovation district.  An extremely innovative company Gazelle is moving its headquarters to the Seaport Inno District – Gazelle has become a leader in a product category dubbed reCommerce; Gazelle is redefining the way we think about buying, owning, selling and recycling electronics.


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