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Boston Financial Guide


Boston Financial Guide – Great source for local content delivery, PR, brand management and more…Keeping the site relevant on the engines to benefit your digital marketing strategy!

Yahoo Marissa Mayer….Why All the Fuss?

Is Marissa Mayer ( FYI – pronounced Meyer like the Hot Dog  not like the singer John) making all the right moves?  Her thinking is to change the perception of female techies – Starting from the way they dress moving away from sweatshirt hoodies, flip flops and thick glasses to high end fashion – ummm isn’t that thinking alone some sort of whackadoodle sexism – who knows who really cares?-

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David Edwards – Harvard Genius?

The creative genius of Dr Edwards lay in destroying the age old saying ” starving artists” –  If an artist’s creative energy has produced a work on spec or free form – it is a product – be it one to be admired at no charge or as an avenue of commerce – the lines continue to be blurred thanks to street artists likeShepard Fairey and Banksy whose commercial success via the street has transgressed the preconceived barriers associated with “starving artists”.

Boston Business Radio:


Armstrong Welcomes Competition – does NPR?

Bloomberg Business Radio Invades Local Turf. Competition is a good thing – right?  Well let’s see what unfolds for WRKO’s  Barry Armstrong and his show The Financial Exchange on the Money Matters network…

Bloomberg Sound Addition to Boston Business Radio!

Friday Bloomberg Business Radio Boston launches – 24/7 business programming with an eye on the ever so popular Boston business climate.

Boston Restaurant News:


Media Crush site curating, aggregating and posting all things related to the food service and hospitality industry in the Boston area – We welcome Iron Chef Louie and his brother’s new restaurant Tavern Road to the Fort Point area ,congratulate Kristen Kish of Stir on her Top Chef Seattle victory and look forward to the opening of Quattro this month by DePasquali Ventures in the space of their former Il Pannino Express.

Sports Radio Boston: 


Sports Radio Boston is a site focused on the business of sports and radio in Boston.

Kirk Minihane Joins Morning Sports Talk WEEI

weei-fm-logoSo the name just has to’s not longer D & C  right?  Enter new blood to resuscitate the ailing show – it seems obvious that since the voluntary departure of Jon  Meterparel  in October the show is on an attrition slide that even an FM signal can’t stop.


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