The Mind of Joe Petrowski on URBN

Overlooking the Business Battlefield with Joe Petrowski- One of our favorite shows on the UR Business Network airwaves is " Overlooking the Business Battlefield - Strategy Infrastructure Personnel Execution" hosted by Joe Petrowski.    Joe's podcast is always informative, current, relative and with strong grounded opinion.  Take some time out of your busy day and listen to one of Joe's entertaining podcasts. Joe takes on everything!  Take a look at this sample  list of shows: Culture … [Read more...]

Dave & Buster’s Grand Opening-

E- Newsletter Campaign Dave and Busters opened in Woburn MA!  Just a short ride outside of Boston and not too far from the NH border nestled right off of 128 North a new Dave and Busters has opened! The invite only grand opening party was promoted by Media Crush.  Media Crush sent out an email newsletter blast to it's targeted opt in database and the results were outstanding! Media Crush was able to deliver over 600 bodies through the door to participate in an amazing welcoming … [Read more...]


Digital Marketing- Most people hear the term organic vs non- organic and envision a trip to the produce section at their local market. Most of the world has identified the differences between the two and how it affects them personally.  While the terms familiarity has grown most business owners are not quite sure what to do in terms of organic vs non-organic search engine optimization - SEO.  There are so many considerations to take into account on what will work best for your business and yoru … [Read more...]

…and Social Media Use also Makes Happiness Viral!

Facebook use linked to depressive symptoms Being in the digital marketing space for over ten years, changes occur daily and breakthroughs more often than any other industry.  This is cause for great change and creativity in the human condition.  An ongoing test to stay connected as people and not allow the advancements to drive us to isolation.  We are in a time of flux and change is thrust upon us almost daily.  Being a part of this time of enlightened engagement is exciting, however, we do … [Read more...]

Good Debt Vs Bad Debt

What you don’t owe can’t hurt you by  Ivan Serrano Follow Ivan  @ivanserrano55 Naturally, there’s good news and bad news. Most people want the bad news first, and then the good news. Others just prefer to take the good news and never even hear about the bad news… if possible. When it comes to debt, however, what you don’t know can hurt you. There are times when debt makes sense, and times when it should be avoided like the beach in the middle of a hurricane. Here are some general … [Read more...]

Galaxy Integrated Technologies

Leader in Integrated Managed Services- In the competitive landscape of cloud based managed services and electronic security one independent minded MA based company is setting the bar as high as it wants to.  Galaxy Integrated Technologies headquartered in Brighton MA is providing the highest caliber of services and technology in the business.  Galaxy Integrated Technologies, Inc., is a premiere, world-class provider of electronic security, healthcare, and low voltage solutions. Since 1984, … [Read more...]

Hendricks – Emporium of the Unusual

Hendricks Gin " Emporium of the Unusual" Cyclorama this week only! People of Boston are in for a real treat when they step into Hendricks Gin’s “Emporium of the Unusual” ! Get ready for a complete transformation of Cyclorama into an amazingly entertaining  and bazaar pop up event.    The invitation says it all  “In cheery defiance of the mundane, HENDRICK’S will curate an assemblage of curiosities for the mind and palate. Might we inadvertently shift the world’s balance of the normal to … [Read more...]

Profile of the Modern Mobile Business Traveler

Modern Mobile Business Traveler Profile & Infographic- By Megan Ritter On The Road Again With the reduced costs of doing business in other places—it can be in other states or even countries—businesses are expanding into new markets. To establish themselves in these new markets, where labor costs might be lower and business regulations more relaxed, they send employees from the main office to these satellite offices to see that everything is running smoothly. This, in turn, costs … [Read more...]

R.Russell Atamian

R. Russell Atamian - Multi Faceted Massachusetts Business Personality While there are many colorful personalities here in Massachusetts and even more spread out across New England.  R. Russell Atamian of Falmouth and the dealer principal of Atamian Honda & Atamian Volkswagen in Tewksbury is among the elite in the automotive sector.  A recent visit to his professional blog R. Russell  found him supporting so many causes locally and regionally we couldn't help but crush on him … [Read more...]

Heal Your PC

Heal Your PC -  Home & Business Computer Repair We recently featured one of our partners,  Heal Your PC here on the Media Crush site - Click Here for the post. We keep up to date on tips and services and wanted to pass along some of the recent posts we found useful on the Heal Your PC blog. Find out more about their complete line of services by simply visiting their website at   Heal Your PC, provides computer repair services.   They come to you and fix your … [Read more...]

Networking Event – UR Business Network-

We are all Invited - Summer Networking Event!  Professional Business Connections will be made in Boston MA on- Monday July 28th, 2014 @Howl at the Moon 5:30pm-8:30pm Mass Professional Networking and UR Business Network invites you to their Summer Business Networking Event at Howl At The Moon in the Financial District in Boston. Please join them  from 5:30pm-8:30pm on Monday, July 28th. UR Business Network launched their internet radio stream in mid-November 2012. UR Business Network is … [Read more...]