Johnny Cupcakes – Pure Genius

#Admire There are so many lessons bundled into the Johnny Cupcakes story...Where can one begin? What started out as a joke and ongoing poke poke pokes at pop culture became a phenomenon. Be aware this was no fluke or accident. Personally, I have to offer full disclosure here and admit to being a huge fan and have thoroughly enjoyed following and supporting this brand and will continue to do so. Johnny Inspiration! Enjoy What you Do! There is no doubt that John Earl enjoys … [Read more...]

Media Crush – What’s Going On Here?

Media Crush LLC Let's face it the internet landscape changes as frequently as New England weather. Media Crush can forecast and prepare your business for any online climate changes.  We develop and deploy custom, scalable, and affordable long and short term strategies and solutions for you and your company. Our multi-tiered products can bring you Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Unique Lead Generation, Local Search all under the Brand and Reputation Management … [Read more...]