Disable Google Personal Search

How to Disable Google Personal Search Results Article Courtesy of:  Brian Gardner Recently Google announced that it will be rolling out a new kind of search – one that’s more personal to you. This new search will include three different types of features – personal results, profiles in search and people and pages. If you’re like me and do a lot of testing with keywords and rankings, you’re annoyed by the idea that your habits on the internet will show up in your search results. While I … [Read more...]

NEW: Google Sitelinks Changes Brand Related Search

Sitelinks - Google was busy with new announcements yesterday. In addition to its launch of Google Related, the search engine giant announced on its Webmaster Central Blog that new sitelinks are now available on Google's search results page. Let's break it down to the most important things marketers should know about this new feature. What Are Google Sitelinks? Sitelinks are the short links that often appear beneath a website's first listing on a search results page. They vary depending on … [Read more...]