Heal Your PC

 We want to let you in on one of our saviors….especially if you are having PC troubles?  Being proactive and making sure you have backup? Well when Media Crush staff members are having a melt down and cursing the instrument and tools needed to get by in the office on a daily basis we practice mindfulness – take a deep breath and call the experts at Heal Your PC!   They actually COME TO YOU – now that’s service!   The folks at the award winning Heal Your PC are at the ready to provide outstanding professional service to businesses of all sizes.  Centrally located right outside of Boston in Burlington MA, Heal Your PC offers certified professionals to come service your PCs and provide on and off site IT support.

Heal Your PC, provides computer repair services.   They come to you and fix your computer where it lives.  Chances are if you live in Billerica MABoston MA or Burlington MA, your have seen their van!  We come to you!

Advantages to having Heal Your PC come to you:

  • See exactly what we are doing, and ask questions
  • No need to disconnect and move your system which could cause additional problems
  • they thoroughly test your system and peripherals before we leave your home or office.
  • Most importantly – You have peace of mind that the problem is fixed

Heal Your PC techs come to you and explain what they are doing in plain English.
They also give you valuable tips and advice on how to prevent problems in the future such as: 

  • Update your ant-virus regularly
  • Set your internet browser to “safe” settings
  • Use an internet browser “safety” advisor to avoid malicious sites
  • Disable the guest account
  • Encrypt ( password protect) your wireless network

Setting up a new PC?

So you’re ready for a new PC! Heal Your PC can help you find that new machine and get it set up anyway you like it. Heal Your PC recommends Dell desktop and laptop PC’s for our clients in the market for a new computer.

They work with Dell on your behalf from day one. Finding the best possible deal from immediately available inventory, make the purchase, and have it delivered directly to your home or office.

When your new PC arrives, they come and  set it up, install Windows updates, and install anti-virus and any peripherals such as scanners, digital cameras or iPod music players. They will only install essential software and remove the “bloat ware” that usually comes pre-installed on new machines and man oh man is there a lot of BLOAT. Finally, they transfer your files and settings from your old computer into the new one as part of o the New PC Buying Service.

Although it generally takes 4 or 5 days for delivery from Dell, they can always get next business day shipping if an immediate replacement is needed.

Please no Mac flamers…some of us still use PC’s…we do not need to hear about how Apple products NEVER have issues… let’s not go there! Thank you!

So CLICK HERE to jump to Heal Your PC or give them a call at 781- 589 – 6633


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