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-Media Crush partners with content driven Business Network!


Media Crush has joined the UR Business Network as part of their digital marketing offering  for their radio hosts and sponsors.

This unique approach to content marketing is on its way to defining “new media”.  A melding of content and media sources is underway and the UR Business Network is creating a very special recipe.

“This is a great opportunity for Media Crush and our network to be a significant part of the proliferation of growth that the UR Business Network is experiencing now and to deepen our relationship as they build even more momentum”,  explains Bob Gallagher of Media Crush.   ” It is our hope to continue to grow our overall combined network of geo and niche’ targeted URLs with the UR Business Network as our premier strategic partner.”

With the type of growth forecast for the UR Business Network combined with broadcast outlets, such as Boston Financial Guide, we  bring an advanced level of digital, audio and video content delivery beyond the capability of other current networks.

About UR Business Network (republished from their Website)

Founded in late August, 2012 UR Business Network launched their internet radio stream in mid-November the same year. UR Business Network is the brainchild of 20 year multimedia marketing veteran Sergio Garcia and serial entrepreneur Rick Brutti. Internet radio had already proven to be a growing industry and their combined entrepreneurial expertise has made them uniquely suited to build an online radio station streaming 24/7 with business specific programming.

In the months since UR Business Network’s doors opened we’ve broadcast thousands of hours of exclusive and syndicated content. Weekly episodes are hosted by a lineup up of business owners, entrepreneurs and technical experts. Each show is a unique representation of the host’s area of expertise and provides a wealth of information. Past guests have included CEO’s, authors, politicians, business founders, and entrepreneurs. With a talented cast of experts, their business experience runs from exit strategy to international business.

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UR Business Network has evolved into an educational resource for budding entrepreneurs. Each show’s podcast is archived with bios of guests, each episode includes tips and tricks, providing an opportunity to learn from the experiences of real business owners. As a full service audio podcasting platform, our lineup of shows is available on iTunes, SHOUTcast, and of course streaming directly from the website. The last year has seen our team built an audio platform for budding business magnates to learn from the best, and be heard and shared by a growing audience.

Our team of technicians, writers and executives strive to continually improve our content, working non-stop to present the best possible 24 hours of business radio seven days a week.

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One of our favorite shows on the network  The Business Architect  features Parcae Capital’s managing partner Frank Magliochetti

Here is what they had to say on the UR Business Network Website…

Frank Magliochetti has been helping businesses build a foundation to help them function successfully. Frank is the founder of Parcae Capital, a company that does just that. He works with a realm of companies from startups to significant enterprises to help them resolve issues and build value.  This could be anything from restructuring a company to catapulting the business.

Parcae Capital  - Frank Magliochetti

Frank and his team work with the founders of various companies to help their structure.  They vertically integrate and enable to make that business a success or keep it running successfully. Parcae Capital also offers strategic assistance in mergers, acquisitions and related services.  Frank says that startups are sometimes the most work but often the most fun.   There is an energy present in most startup companies; people are willing to do the work to get the company moving.   Frank’s role is then to make sure that new entities don’t make mistakes.

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