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We got a lot of feedback on last weeks roundup and most of it was positive –  Thank you!

Ever the optimists – we were thinking that perhaps some of this sea change was due to the fact that suddenly its OK to replace the harsh names previously tossed in this direction with curating, aggregating, disruption, collating or whatever trending buzzwords that sound good this week or can be seen as new billable services from those big box marketeers. We honestly always viewed part of what we have always done and continue to do as sharing and expanding a broadcast ( think of all those small town newspapers that dreamed that one day one of their reporters stories would be picked up by the AP Wire…Google Alert anyone? ).

Media Crush is not professing that we are nor have we ever claimed to be an all powerful mega news outlet, however, we do increase reach, engagements,  add SEO value and much more…

Maybe some of you read and accepted Jeff Bullas recent article ” Why You Should Steal Content”  and through the sheer power of need, desire and whats trending have begun to accept the positive aspects of curating et all.  The resistance will still hold its head high, chest and chins out – Please come out of the days of what seems like Downton snobbery and you soon will realize that there is an information revolution in the works here – embrace the disruptive change and finally welcome to our world – took you long enough.

  • “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” – Picasso
  • “The only art I’ll ever study is stuff I can steal from” – David Bowie
  • “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” – Steve Jobs
  • “I invented nothing new, I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom there was centuries of work” – Henry Ford

Here are some recent updates to the Media Crush Network – Join Us Today – CLICK HERE

Fort Point Channel:

Fort Point Channel - Seaport Innovation District - South Boston

Media Crush site with news surrounding this vital, historic and growing  business and arts community in Boston –

Is that Rethink Robotics Baxter the Robot knocking on the door of the future of our labor force!

Rethink Robotics invented a $22,000 humanoid robot that competes with low-wage workers.


Media Crush site focusing on the business of radio in the Boston area – Interesting custom post on The Future of Radio – The Severin Wake Up Call.

Boston Restaurant News:


Media Crush site curating, aggregating and posting all things related to the food service and hospitality industry in the Boston area – We remind everyone that Boston Restaurant is about a month away.

Marine Industrial Park Boston:

Marine Industrial Park Boston

This area is recognized as a vital cog in the South Boston Waterfront wheel of innovation and development, the Marine Industrial Park Boston website will continue to provide the latest information about the area.We look forward to highlighting existing businesses in the park and of course encourage new businesses to move in and participate. That said:  This curated post focuses on how Michael Koeris sees the I/D and as founder and COO of Sample6 Technologies. “The real opportunity now is to bring all the startups together and build bridges — connections — to establish a thriving community of entrepreneurs in the I/D. To that end we are putting together “You, Me and the Innovation District” – a networking event mixer for all startups and companies that once were small startups (like ZipCar), but are now successful thriving businesses.”

Massachusetts Innovation:


Media Crush site bringing you updates and a daily newspaper on Massachusetts Innovation – Please contact us here if there is something you want published about you or your business.  This curated content is about what Disruptive Guru Clayton Christenson from the Harvard Business School sees coming around the bend…Great read for all –

Sports Radio Boston: 


Sports Radio Boston is a site focused on the business of sports and radio in Boston.  The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich is one of our favorite shows – We would like to help drive support for Rich Shertenlieb as he has taken temporary leave from the show to support his wife who diagnosed with AML a  form of leukemia.

We also added commentary to a very well done recent article featured in Boston Magazine surrounding Boston’s sport media personalities.


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