Propaganda, Allegations & Selkoe for Mayor!

You don’t even know us.

We are going to try to squelch some irresponsible press that is  floating around out there about Media Crush.

The Globe recently published an article written by Yvonne Abraham – CLICK HERE.

Yvonne quoted us out of context thus changing the spirit in which things  were said, thus, allowing her to take liberty in justifying her allegations against us.   Apparently lying in journalism is alive and kicking !

How Alarming  – How Reckless  – DUCK!

First of all we are not against Gay marriage.

Be Happy – Marry whoever you want!

We are by no means shady and not domain squatters.

Again you don’t know us nor willing to learn about us or our business model.

While a good sandwich is something we enjoy we are not fans of Chic Filet as we have never eaten at the establishment.

We are fans of more jobs for the US! is not a bogus site – it is a site that is focused and supports innovation and is politically neutral.

Media Crush supports efforts to better Boston !

Media Crush is also very open to talking about what we are doing – nothing shady going on here!  We recently spoke with Greg Selkoe and Malia Lazu of Future Boston and Yvonne Abraham from the Boston Globe about our business and a site we released call Future Boston

We had a very amenable conversation with Greg on Friday July 20 and by the time we got off the phone he felt as though we could co-exist and was going to send a disclaimer over for us to work on together.  Nothing by way of a disclaimer has made its way to our offices.

The first we heard from him was through our conversation with Yvonne who told us she was sure Greg was not happy with us.  She had indicated she had not spoken to Greg yet, however, it’s now clear she had spoken to him prior to our conversation.

Greg that makes our conversation seems more than a little confusing…

Greg you asked if we were working for Mayor Menino – We told you we weren’t.  We are not working for the Mayor or City of Boston!

Now we read –

Selkoe sees other motives. “Clearly someone is trying to use that website to confuse and distort our message,” he said

Simply Not true, Not True at all Mayor Slekoe.

We would have gladly taken down the material about Greg and his organization; he did not request for us to do this.

Greg also offered numerous times to purchase the URL – had we been domain squatting as Yvvone accused we would have jumped at the opportunity to sell this to  Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year.  Looking back at the conversation it is clear that Greg baited us  for Yvonne’s Monday probe.

Yvonne’s article CLICK HERE could be seen as a press release for Greg’s new website ( a revamping of )  as he just so happens to be having a get together tonight at Karmaloop for it’s launch.

See you there!

Of Note:

Media Crush does not own the live site Future neither does Greg.

When searching Future Boston – the name on their URL – Future Boston does not rank above them or higher than them not even on pages one or two …False Allegation!  Fact is that Future comes up #2, ESPN and Amazon also come up in the top ten.

Media Crush does not own Future Boston, Greg does.  The .org  is the BEST format for his not for profit organization, however, is their focus.

We  had what we thought was an agreeable conversation with Yvvone on Monday July 23, however, Yvvone wanted to find some nefarious motive for our website – throughout the conversation she kept digging and got nothing becasue there is nothing! Apparently this left her with little choice but make unfair allegations and associations that should really be retracted as slanderous.

We openly told both Greg and Yvvone that Media Crush is working on a business model that includes Hyper-Local sites in and around the city, covering niche’ categories and more.  While both wanted to attach us to the Mayor ( it was the first question that Greg asked)  we are not employed by the Mayor or the City of Boston.

All of this was really unnecessary as we were clearly in talks with the concerned party on mutual resolution.

Yvonne we have yet to figure out if this was a puff piece for Selkoe 2013 and why Media Crush was even included in your article.  Seems like you are starting something out of nothing.

Watch for Yvonne holding a Selkoe for Mayor 2012 sign in the near future……..hmmmm no it should be the .org right?

Silo for Silo?

Agenda for Agenda?

Whatever – Nevermind !

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