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Plymouth Pass – Discover America’s Hometown!

Axiom Mobile Tech developing Plymouth Pass Mobile App

America’s Hometown readying to release Mobile Loyalty Program

“Let’s Discover Plymouth”

June 2012 – Axiom Mobile Tech has secured the funding to develop a mobile loyalty program for Plymouth MA. The mobile app will be all encompassing and allow local businesses access to a robust and comprehensive suite of mobile marketing and advertising features they may not be able to afford on their own. It is the first of many similar projects for this Massachusetts based mobile marketing company.

Having roots in the community, National Sales Director for Axiom; Matt O’ Keefe has spearheaded the effort to bring Axiom’s cutting edge technology to his hometown.

“The mobile marketing loyalty program we are releasing with Plymouth Pass will be among the best in the country. We have worked with national brands on various aspects of their mobile strategies from HR and Operations to Marketing and Direct Consumer Sales. “

O’ Keefe added, “Axiom will manage and market the Plymouth Pass and bring the program to local and regional businesses to engage visitors to the area on deals and value added services for using the app. We are working on gamification of the app to issue Pass Points which can be used towards app wide deals”

President of Axiom, Thomas Susi contributes “We know we have the best technology and unheard of analytics and reporting with a user friendly backend dashboard. The growth in mobile marketing and loyalty products isn’t about to slow down. Axiom has just started building its sales team, we offer a different blend of services and products at affordable price points. This will be the first of many custom mobile marketing programs released nationally and internationally””

Axiom uses a proprietary platform developed and powered by AppMatrix.

Axiom also has partnered with Media Crush of Salem MA for Hyper Local, Niche’ and Geo Targeted Marketing

About Axiom Mobile Tech

Axiom is a Mobile Marketing Company focused on loyalty and engagement.

Headquarters is in Boston with additional offices in MA and FL.

Plymouth Pass – Let’s Discover Plymouth!

Is the first mobile app for America’s Hometown. Plymouth is one of a handful of MA destinations attracting national and international. Funded by a private investor group.

Press Contact: Bob Gallagher 617.293.3821

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