How Siri and Google effect Mobile Purchases

Apple’s Siri to influence shopping


If you don’t think that Siri is going to effect the way consumers are shopping – think again everyone.

If you think that Android is going to sit back and not roll out an improved and more robust version of Siri – Think again – the gauntlet has been thrown down and the battle yet to begin.

Some areas of expertise that may help Google compete is their access to the immediate data.  The Google assistant will be able to move and deliver information more accurately and effectively due to the ongoing data pull they employ.  I’ve experimented with Siri and quite frankly those commercials they are broadcasting are not based in reality – they show us the final result of many layers of questions and answers with Siri – go ahead and ask Siri to call you a Rock God see what happens….

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For Google Assistant to succeed:  

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  1. Move away from the returning search results model and towards the Assistant model. Instead of simply returning 10 results, the end user needs information related to a specific goal (i.e. suggest the nearest coffee shop with good reviews).
  2. The information and data that Google has collected on end-users should allow the Assistant to personalize the suggestions and customize information in a way that specifically meets each individual user’s needs (i.e. know that a specific user is more likely to frequent a specific brand of coffee shops).
  3. In order to be successful, the new Assistant has to be fun to use!

The iOS personal assistant is an attractive helper for checking prices, making lists and more…

Even while Siri is in the hands of relatively few consumers, Apple’s digital assistant looks to have serious potential to change how people use their smartphones, mostly by streamlining the fast-growing smartphone shopping experience both in, near and out of stores.

Data from February 2012, from Catapult Marketing, showed that more than one-third of shoppers have either already used or would be interested in using Siri to compare prices at the shelf, while nearly as many would want Siri to check inventory for them at another store.

Even more popular: sending Siri off in search of coupons and deals while the smartphone owner shopped


Grocery shopping will likely be most affected by Siri and her future competitors, with just under half of respondents saying they had used Siri for this purpose or would be interested in doing so. They also planned to use Siri’s price comparison, list-making and other capabilities to shop for electronics (39%), apparel and home appliances (33% each). Thirty percent weren’t interested in using Siri for shopping.


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