Automotive Customers “Deal from a Distance”

Call Centers are Cool Again

Automotive Business Development Center - BDC

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Automotive Dealerships have been amongst the companies that had to book the highest losses due to the worldwide economic crises and it’s aftermath.

Since then they have managed to make a huge comeback especially during 2011; both manufacturers and dealers are expanding their businesses at a large pace and business’ are recovering to pre-crisis states.

The surviving dealer body has become nimble and able to respond to all new marketing demands.

Among those are the increased demands of the buyer to “deal from a distance” until they feel safe.

The Telephone and the Internet combine to provide that distance.

Fast, effective, and transparent communication with potential customers is required to prevent losing market share to those that have recognized this wave.

Dealers are turning back to try again what once failed for many… The Call Center.

In the past, these were called different names and had much different design than what is demanded now. The most common of which was the BDC with rotating sales team members spending shifts on the phone…for the most part a huge failure who’s nick name became “Business Detention Center”.

The movement now is to staff the Call Center with non-sales experienced specialists, with very targeted training focused on skillfully providing fast, accurate information, with the singular goal of setting an appointment.

Communicating with potential buyers, or regular customers, properly is of key importance.

All channels of communication (email, fax, text, Tweets, Facebook comments, etc.) must receive attention, but the telephone is still the most important form of communication. When the phone rings, it is an immediate contact with a potential sales or service opportunity, and when answered immediately and effectively has demonstrated it will drive a better customer experience, more appointments and more sales… A good impression is a must during every phone call, to prevent both new and retained customer abandonment.

The incorporation of Call Center services has shown it can not only properly triage phone calls, but allow more efficient distribution of labor, and increase appointment set and show rates.

Statistics show that that when a high performing Call Center team answers the phone, some magic happens:

  • Callers hanging up on hold and going to Voice Mail is reduced by 26%
  • Connected Sales Calls setting appointments go from 29% to 55%
  • Service Appointment Rates go from 45% on the inbound calls to 65%

Statistics also indicate that the out bound follow up of  “UN-Appointed Sales Calls” is doubled–from 20% to 40% in a Call Center environment… an increase from 43 total appointments set, to 73 !!

Dramatic performance enhancement that is measured where it should be—the Financial Statement.

Chip King



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