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Media Crush is working with KnuckleHead AI (KAI) on the first AI apps and games for the Android and iPhone platforms.

This is a game changing project with endless applications. Knucklehead is almost ready to release its first four games ( yes pitiful pun intended) and is seeking a little more support via the Kickstart program.

KAI just formed in June and has over 25 Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) driven game apps we are scoping from our list of over 100 AI game concepts. They’ve started building it’s first one, “Backyard Bird Shooter” for smart phones and smart pads.  Plans are to finish up the first and another three for it’s KickStarter program. The premise is that KAI can build a great game app company around its AI driven game concepts.  We  hope you will agree and help us with a real kick-start for the first four games.

From Knucklehead AI Kickstart….

Why build games with AI in them?

We think that improving on silly games by adding artificial intelligence will make them vastly more amusing.  No seriously! Our games are all made with machine intelligence components, and as we go along, the games will learn something about your behavior and performance in the game and how you use your smart device. In fact, we are looking at monitoring and adjusting for all smart device-bound sensory input during game play in the future as smart devices gain more processing power and sensory capabilities.  We can already use the smart device “sensory input” to adjust the game (harder, easier, etc.) and provide other nifty learning related or otherwise amusing features.  So the experience will be different with our games, and more so over time.

Also, while there is still a bit of a wait before artificially intelligent computers save the world, we think that AI based software and networks have already become very useful. Some of the games we are developing could not exist without the underlying, sometimes sophisticated, computer science. We believe that early exploitation of these technologies in games will ultimately lead to other, possibly useful, commercial applications.  Useful applications from knuckleheads…  Imagine that!

What else is different about your game apps?

It’s our approach to smart devices.  We are thinking of all of them as game controllers and creation devices.  So we have an augmented reality framework where we always try to include your personal environment in the game.  These are mostly not couch sitting games and many of them suggest going outside for best results.  We are going to warn people to hold onto their phones during game play.  And we can even imagine knucklehead closures with hand conforming grips.

Also, almost all of the games have a multi-player viral aspect to them.  For example, Backyard Shooter is a game where you make your own video; the AI targets moving objects for you, and then you play the game.  The games can be shared on our game board and can show up on YouTube and Facebook, and other people can download them and play them.  Game scores of all the people who play your game are posted (if they want to post).    So this kind of thing can be extremely viral.  In addition, most of the games have both single and multiplayer modes, which help make them viral too.

Where will the games be available?

We’re building the games for smart phone and smart pad devices so they will be available first in the Apple app store, and then a little later in the Android app store.  Once we are really cooking, we may also manage to have some of them distributed on other game platforms.  But right now we are focused on the Apple and Android platforms only and on delivering the first four games on iPhone and iPads and then a little later on the Android platform as well.

One day soon, we’d also like to see these games start showing up in virtual reality worlds too.  The future seems open to all kinds of wild and exciting possibilities.

How will you market them?

Our goal for the initial two apps is huge!  However, we think we need to be producing 4 new games a quarter to get in there and compete.  On the reasonably optimistic side, we would like to see the first 4 games hit 50-100 thousand downloads by the end of Q1-2012.  We will need more than our kickstarter-funding goal to get there, so if we exceed our funding goal, and if the initial two apps were to go seriously viral, that would obviously help.

On a more practical note, we will start by marketing our own personal extended networks and with all of you at Kickstarter who like game apps.  We will also create branded websites to drive awareness and work closely with our friends in affiliate marketing and advertising who have SEO traffic networks and are willing to help us out at the start.  Of course, we will also hit the blogs and social nets where gamers and app hounds hang.  In addition, if we have extra funding from this KickStarter program, we will test SEM and other less freely available application promotion avenues.

Because most of the games have single and multi-player modes, and all of them have a viral component for score comparisons and game video sharing, we hope they will spread quickly through user invitations as people enjoy them.  But we know we need more than a couple of games to drive our marketing.

What happens after the first four games?

Well, as we said, we’ll play it by ear and see how well we do with each of you to meet or maybe even exceed our Kickstarter funding goal.  But suffice it say, we will fight all the way until we start to grow and can build things faster.  Our goal for 2012 is to put out 2-4 new games a quarter.  The more funding and success we find along the way, the faster we can go.

Here are the next four game apps we are planning for 2012:

Will you charge for the games?

We do plan to quit our day jobs and become KnuckleheadAi guys forever, so we will be looking for that public support and delivering as much game value as we can for a fair exchange.

Almost all of the games we plan will have at least a free beginner or feature limited version.  Some may have upgrades for 99 cents.  Some may have free but advertising driven versions.  Some may come paid for by a single sponsor.  Some may be on the more expensive side, like the upgraded version of Backyard Bird Shooter.

For more information please visit Knucklhead AI Kickstart program by clicking here

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