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Media  Crush Launches Route One Saugus News

January 2010

Media Crush is launching niche’ geo specific sites over the 2010 calendar year.   Search is ever changing and becoming more and more specific and granular.  Search result delivery methodologies are ever growing and changing as well which in turn does change the overall landscape of search.

Media Crush is paying attention to every detail.

Adding Route One Saugus News advertising and marketing inventory to our growing enterprise of online properties adds depth and girth to our Cloud Loop marketing concept;

Bob Gallagher one of the founding partners of Media Crush adds ” With the ability to layer ads over targeted multi-category online real estate Media Crush can cast a wider net for our clients and partners.”

” Upon the launch of Route One news we were contacted to act as one of the online sponsors for the North Shore Chamber on Commerce Business Expo.  We are going to attend the event.  Media Crush Co-founder Joe Angrisano is going to cover the event, filming as many vendors and participants as possible .  Many of these businesses have not been exposed to this sort of a marketing technique ; 30 – 60 second bits posted on Route One Saugus News complete with SEO via a Hosted Marketing Page with customizable content on the Route One site.”

After only a month live the site is already gaining traction and catching on.

Route One News is a beta test for our local and regional web property clusters.

CLICK HERE to take a look at Route One Saugus News

Route One Saugus News Press Release

Press Release: Website Launch

Route One Saugus News and Media Crush are proud to announce the official launch of Route One Saugus News!

This Google friendly business Route One essential is now available as an affordable and effective part of your marketing and advertising media mix.

The internationally know “Golden Mile” of retail and business now has the internet presence it deserves.

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