Macallan Scotch

Media Crush is working the online segment on the  Macallan Scotch branding campaign. Macallan Single Malt Scotch is pleased with the services we have delivered to them! We are driving interest in the product and events associated with Macallan Scotch. … [Read more...]

Axiom Mobile Tech – Mobile Marketing Strategy

Rewards and Loyalty, Geo Engagements,  Inbound Marketing and more Media Crush is working along with Axiom Mobile Technologies on brand and marketing strategies; Media Crush is also involved in their online commercial and social network build-out. We are very excited to be part of the team that will bring the one stop Mobile APP to market! More to come...   … [Read more...]

Fort Points Arts Community Open Studios!

Media Crush at Fort Point Arts Open House   Media Crush wanted to meet, talk to and interview as many participants as possible to help the Fort Point ArTs Community.  The videos are up on the Media Crush YouTube account as well as on the geo targeted sites like Fort Point Channel Boston. We hope you enhoy the interviews and support the artists community at Fort Point Boston. For the complete video Interview Library head over to Media Crush on YouTube - Click Here … [Read more...]

Media Crush Geo Hyper-Local Network Grows

Add Seaport District, Fan Pier, Fort Point Channel and Boston's New Waterfront Great focus is being put on the areas of Boston known as Fan Pier, The Seaport District, Fort Point Channel all part of the New Boston Waterfront;   Media Crush knows this area is integral to its growing network  to provide a variety of services to clients and users.  The sites are fleshing out with custom content via photos, videos and posts as well as aggregating information from other credited sources. With … [Read more...]

Artificial Intelligence – Knucklehead AI & Media Crush Kickstart!

AI  used in Apps and Game Development! Media Crush is working with KnuckleHead AI (KAI) on the first AI apps and games for the Android and iPhone platforms. This is a game changing project with endless applications. Knucklehead is almost ready to release its first four games ( yes pitiful pun intended) and is seeking a little more support via the Kickstart program. KAI just formed in June and has over 25 Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) driven game apps we are scoping from our list … [Read more...]

Media Crush – Launch! – The Social Buzz! Media Crush is happy to announce our relationship with! Media Crush is working on the launch of a new entity from online lifestyle and branding powerhouse! Media Crush will employ its hyper local ad network to provide traffic and inbound marketing for / With Boston Irish Pubs, Faneuil Hall Boston, Boston Financial Guide, and Boston Restaurant News leading the charge...Media Crush plans … [Read more...]

New Car Networks – Google Places?

New Car Networks is the  Automotive online digital marketing component of Media Crush designed to engage in Brand and Reputation Management, SEO, Social Media Strategies and various marketing and training initiatives. With clients in New England and the Mid-West New Car Networks unique boutique take on Automotive Digital Marketing is a way for multi dealership dealers and smaller dealers to all compete on the same level.  Training and driving more sales opportunities to sell more cars in 2011 … [Read more...]

The Table Critic

Boston Restaurant News Media Crush is proud to announce that Boston Restaurant News is now featuring the Table Critic reviews. About the Table Critic: The reviews showcase the ambiance, the décor, the service and cuisine of each restaurant reviewed. What is unique about this website is the photos. The photos tell the story of the restaurant. Each restaurant possesses their own distinctive qualities when it comes to food, service and design - characteristics that are featured in … [Read more...]

New Car Networks

Media Crush has been slow cooking New Car Networks over the past months. The Media Crush automotive network is growing in 2011.  We offer inbound marketing, brand and reputation management and microsite deployment for companies of all sizes.  Our prices are reasonable and results are outstanding. Recently, it got a new shine with a brilliant Studio Press Genesis makeover. Give us a call today so we can give you a free online marketing and social media assessment. Joe - 978-815-3291 … [Read more...]

Media Crush | Inbound Marketing – Lead Generation!

Media Crush Content is King! In the article below HubSpot drives home the data regarding the increasing need for content! Media Crush agrees - Content is King! The diverse network of sites Media Crush manages offers a company the ability to spread out its custom content thus providing a mini network of content points.   Using the Media Crush Ad Cloud Technolgy - Clients using the Media Crush cloud are experiencing a true increase in ROI and inbound lead generation AKA inbound … [Read more...]

Route One News | Route One Saugus News

Media  Crush Launches Route One Saugus News January 2010 Media Crush is launching niche' geo specific sites over the 2010 calendar year.   Search is ever changing and becoming more and more specific and granular.  Search result delivery methodologies are ever growing and changing as well which in turn does change the overall landscape of search. Media Crush is paying attention to every detail. Adding Route One Saugus News advertising and marketing inventory to our growing … [Read more...]